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I’m a technology policy researcher at the Alan Turing Institute in London, currently the Digital Charter Fellow. I’m also affiliated with University College London and Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham. I research:

  • on-the-ground issues and design challenges for fairness, transparency and resilience of high-stakes algorithmic systems, particularly in the public sector;
  • machine learning and privacy-enhancing technologies, and their intersection with European data protection law (e.g. the GDPR & ePrivacy);
  • administrative and institutional challenges in governing fast-moving, digital technologies.

I’m on the advisory council of the Open Rights Group, external consultant for the European Commission AI Strategy’s Algorithm Awareness project, steering committee member of the Dutch Government and Parliament’s project on the ethical and legal dimensions of blockchain and publicity co-chair for the 2019 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability and Transparency (FAT* 2019) - submit and come!

I previously worked at the Royal Society as a data governance researcher, in IoT and ageing governance at the European Commission, and at Bonsucro as a data scientist. I hold a BSc from LSE and an MSc from Maastricht University.

I tweet too much. Lists of my publications and recent talks can be found here. You can get in touch at mveale at turing dot ac dot uk. You can use my public key to do so.

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